Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Make bento box lunches super bunny bear "kute"

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- Bento is the lunch menu (lunch boxes) are homemade and very common in the lives of Japanese cuisine. A unique culture of the land of the rising sun, but so are people in other countries in the world not only love but also usability by the subtle, clever and cute hidden in each lunch box. Enjoy lunch box fussy and clearly felt emotionally exuberant love of preparing, your meals will become more palatable.

1. Preparation ( LEVER : EASY )

    - 1 bowl of white rice.

    - Decorate: Fresh Seaweed, fresh mushrooms (can use dried mushrooms soak it), carrots, sliced ​​cheese (small packet of hamburgers eaten)

    - Food: fried fish twist, fish meal plate.

    - Vegetables: lettuce, cucumbers and fruit as you like.

    - Condiments: ketchup, soy sauce

    - Tools: lunch box, cup sharing food, rice shaped molds, decorative skewers ...

    2. Implementation:

    For a bit of tomato sauce on the rice and mix half, coloring for rice.

    Scoop rice into "bunny mold" Up 2 the mold to face and get rice, if rice is not compressed, can add rice and pressed again.

    Same to the "bear mold", this time using soy sauce to color the rice.

    Take the rice out of the mold noting the junction between the two mold. Put 2 rice ball into the box.

    Cook ingredients: Boiled seaweed, carrots, mushrooms and fried fish until cooked. Breaded fried fish.
    Use the mold to create the eyes cut nose, clothing decoration for holding rice.
    Without cutting mold can use scissors to trim. The food to be sliced ​​and shaped very easily create the software.

    Use ear, eye make, cheese making clothes and hats seaweed, carrots do cavat decorative crown.

    Sort lettuce bottom placed on breaded fish


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