Saturday, 11 May 2013

Young rice cake (Bánh cốm)

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Today I will show you ways to make delicious crumb cake and I wish you success.To make it easier we offer photos and tapes.



- Cereal: 300 gr

- Green coffee bean shells: 50 gr

- Sugar: 80 grams

- Sesame roasted 3 tablespoons meal

- Sticky rice flour 3 tablespoons meal

- Cooking oil: 1 tablespoon meal

- Grapefruit Perfume: a few drops

- Water: 300 ml

- Sticky leaves: few leaves

Tự làm bánh cốm dẻo thơm - 1
Thực hiện: 

Step 1: Green beans soaked in water for soft bloom within 3 hours, bring cooked. Place the tofu in a blender with a little water and 30 grams of sugar and grind finely.

Tự làm bánh cốm dẻo thơm - 2

Step 2: Pandan pick out the bad seeds, rinse water clean. Soak cereal with cold water for 1 hour for soft crumb bloom. Water soaked nuggets higher surface a tiny nuggets.

Tự làm bánh cốm dẻo thơm - 3
Step 3: For the pureed green beans, cooking oil and flour ½ seat folds into applesauce. Put the pan on the stove until the fire slugs small chickpeas dry, then sprinkle more half and place a few drops of sesame in grapefruit juice. Use chopsticks to stir sesame and grapefruit juice mix into beans, and the beans in a bowl.

Tự làm bánh cốm dẻo thơm - 4
Step 4: For 300 ml of water and 50 grams of sugar and sticky leaves to the pan. Heat to dissolve the sugar, then stir in the cereal on a low heat. Use chopsticks to stir pan nuggets are not sharp. When more grain dry cereal grains was almost washed away, try eating cereal that is flexible, and no solid particles are more nuggets that are. While fried nuggets if solid particles that are mixed with water has dried, you can add a little water regime.
Tự làm bánh cốm dẻo thơm - 5
Step 5: Remove oil from sticking to your hands and squeeze a little crumb square (so it thinner clay). Place the cereal in a food piece sheaths and a little touch of green beans spread out in between pieces of nuggets. Then squeeze a piece of cereal on a similar overlap. Finally, a sprinkle of sesame seeds on the surface of the cake crumb.

Step 6: Resetting the edges of the cake to look better then repackaged.

Tự làm bánh cốm dẻo thơm - 6
Tự làm bánh cốm dẻo thơm - 7
Tự làm bánh cốm dẻo thơm - 8

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