Saturday, 11 May 2013

Round sticky rice cake

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In my country, the cake is a dish made ​​from thousands of generations. It symbolizes heaven and earth, ie, square and circle. Actually it is a very delicious dish, not because it was boring enough bars, soft and sweet.

banh day

Here's how to make cake
Banh Day (Vietnamese Rice Cakes)
Printable Recipe
  • 16 oz package of glutinous rice flour (makes about 12-14 cakes)
  • 1 3/4 cups cold water
  • 1/2 ts salt
  • cooking oil
  • banana leaves cut into circles about 3-4 inch diameter (or use aluminum foil)
  • steamer
  • cha lua (Vietnamese ham)
Add salt and rice flour to mixing bowl and mix. Slowly incorporate the water into the dough and work it into a ball. Keep on working it and be patient, it will come together! The dough should be like play dough in texture.
Brush a light layer of oil on top side of the banana leaves or aluminum foil.
Pinch off a small piece of dough and roll into a small ball slightly smaller then the size of a golf ball and place on banana leaf. Gently flatten just a bit, but not too much as it will flatten further when cooked.
Place in steamer tray with plenty of space between as these will expand. With a boiling steamer, steam for about 8 minutes until completely opaque. Over steaming will cause it to flatten. Remove and allow to cool about 10 minutes or so and serve with slice of cha lua.
To store, brush on another thin layer of oil on top of one rice cake and then flip another rice cake on top so that the banana leaves are on both ends. Wrap with saran wrap. This stores in the fridge for about a week. Reheat in the microwave for about 45 secs.
banh day
For less doughy taste, use a single rice cake and wrap that around the cha lua
Stick a piece of cha lua (Vietnamese ham) inside and it’s simple but yet tasty and even addicting snack. Some even dip this in fish sauce. The soft and sticky glutinous rice cake celebrates the simplicity and importance of rice in Vietnamese culture and is a treat fit for both Kings and commoners. 

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