Saturday, 11 May 2013

Bánh tro ( Tro cake )

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- 1 sign folds
- Ash water
- 150 grams of green coffee bean shell
- 300 gr of white sugar
- 50 grams of brown sugar
- Oil
- Bamboo leaves (I do not have, so I wrapped in bamboo leaves banana leaves)


- Rice vo thoroughly soaked with water about 4 hours, 4 hours after taking a clean exhaust

- Mix ash with water, then every 1 cup of cold water 1 tablespoon water mixed with ash, stirring the mixture is water and ash

- Rice soaked in 4 hours and then rinse the lye mixture to soak for 20 hours. 

After you've eaten enough sticky ash water then drain thoroughly pitted parked out back and let drain.

- Pickled green beans cooked soft, mash or puree in blender. Getting a little pan on the stove for cooking oil 1 green bean stir-fry with green beans and drain lines for it, catch balls down again, I do not have time, so I do not vo where to park in the package itself scoop cup peas 2 tablespoons still pretty green on as usual.

- Banana leaves or bamboo leaves dry cleaned

- Pack in banana leaves or bamboo leaves peek of bread, sticky layer on the first layer and the first green beans, topped with a layer of sticky rice wrapped in one triangular slip back into the beam of about 5 or 10 depending on the mind you
- Put water in a pot to cook in 4 hours if small cake, the cakes to cook 5 hours, When the cake is cooked, then dip bread loaves picked over cold water to clean wheels and wheel hook up to drain it.

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