Saturday, 11 May 2013


Materials needed:

- Dry Rice
- 1 green mango
- 3 left switch (fruit blueberries)
- 5gr crispy dried shrimp
- Dried Beef 40gr fiber
- Green onion, shallot
- Satay, vegetable oil, soy sauce, salt Tay Ninh
- Beard
- Peanuts (peanut)


Cùng làm nhé:
Bước 1:
First, he used scissors to cut the cake into the long stretch. Rice paper bought at the supermarket or markets are.
Bước 2:
Next peel the mango and long fiber cells okay.

Bước 3:
You chopped onion into thin slices and the true non-aromatic.
Bước 4:
I satay mixed with cooking oil and add a little more crispy greaves home.

Bước 5:
Onion washed drained, chopped up, pour into hot cooking oil to grease the water.

Bước 7:
We do the cake, mango into a deep bottomed dish or large bowl and dry beef, dried shrimp, onion, satay water into the bowl.

Sprinkle a little salt and soy sauce to mix into your hands.
Bước 8:
Squeeze add 1 left switch (cranberry fruit) to be more flavor
Bước 9:
Finally, the laksa leaves and chopped peanuts (peanut) in, a final mix is done

Thanks you very much!

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