Thursday, 16 May 2013

Chè sâm ( Sâm Sweet Soup )

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- 100g dried lotus seed 
- 50g dried longan (longan) 
- 100g raisins 
- 100g of red apple 
- 1 teaspoon powdered seaweed 
- 200g sugar 

- Dried lotus seeds cooked boiled, pour the basket 

- Longan soaked hot hatch 

- Raisins washed, 

- Red apples washed with hot water 

- Cook with a small pot, draw a spoon flour into 200 ml of water the vegetables, then pour the boiling for man, take care not to leave the sugar

- Cook a pot on the other, waiting for the temperature to rise, for half the sugar to make caramel, pay attention, not to appear dark yellow, when it will have a bitter flavor. Then pour water, about 400ml, all on the sugar. Tasting 

- For lotus seeds in boiling water, then longan, raisins and apples, add a little salt. Simmer for soft lotus seeds, soaked apples and longan, tasting. 

- Now agar has solidified, remove the cups chopped off. To cool or add ice cold waiting for the delicious 

- This dish ginseng tea is very good for the body because it's summer on both countries to provide more nutritious medium will help you fast recovery.

Hạt sen khô đun mềm, để ra rổ cho ráo.
Dried lotus seeds cooked to the basket to dry
Thạch đổ ra bát để nguội.
jelly spilled bowl for cool.
Xắt thạch thành miếng.
Cut jelly into pieces.
Trộn các nguyên liệu đã chuẩn bị sẵn.
Mix the processed ingredients.

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