Monday, 13 May 2013

Sticky rice in Southward

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Theo aFamily

Sticky rice 500g

250g green beans soaked soft

Salt, sugar, coconut milk (depending on taste)


Green beans soaked overnight, cooked with little salt

  1. Crushed

  1. Curl

  1. Glutinous rice washed, soaked overnight, drained

  1. Take about 1/5 of rice placed in the middle of a clean towel

  2. Wipe gently dry out the water

  1. Wipe the place of rice, then pour into a large plate. Grinding rice green beans cleaning

  1. Are you sticking around for bean rice

  1. Pour the steamed sticky rice and for about 20 minutes away nine, pour out large plates (remember standing water to steep open area away from being flabby. If you want to add coconut milk and sugar it was exciting to be at 15 minutes away)
  2. Quick hands are sticky with chopsticks tillers of green beans to distant cells remaining true to

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