Tuesday, 21 May 2013

How to make Ỷ Chè ( Chè Ỷ )

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Materials: ( LEVER : EASY )

-1 cup flour sticky

-3 tapioca

-3/4 cup warm milk (or more)

-1 cup roast peanuts (optional)

-Roasting sesame seeds

-Slice ​​ginger



-Coconut milk

II/ Method:

-Waxy rice flour + tapioca + a little salt in a bowl.

-Slowly pour the warm milk, water, cramming are, smooth, until the flour has limber

-Squeeze into a pellet, peanut crammed between the blue

-Add sugar to the pot, add the water across surface _, add ginger and simmer.

For each pellet, give to the flour. Boiled for 10 minutes

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