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Sweet soup grapefruit

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When it becomes hot, the porridge cool purification throat take to make people become more excited.Today I will teach you how to make simple grapefruit tea

- 1 grapefruit (to both types, so choose grapefruit pulp thick, no fiber)
- 1 fresh coconut
- 1 can coconut milk prefilled
- 200g jaggery
- 100g fat powder
- Do green, salt, flour

- Preparation of water fat meal:

Fat powder is powder to make the thickness and fragrance of tea.Look through very similar fatty meal flour but coconut flavor.
For fat soluble powder with a little water.Leave it until it stops.
- Chế biến nước cốt dừa:
Coconut extract the pulp, grind with 1 liter of water to boil.
Pour half a box prefilled coconut coconut milk into the pot.
Wait coconut milk mixture to boil water, then place the dough into a fat that you have prepared.
Continue to compare the characteristics of coconut water again.Now that you have finished processing the coconut milk to the tea grapefruit.
- Nấu chè bưởi:
Peel the grapefruit extract the pulp and diced (but not too small).
Place about 1 ladle soup into massage to rid the salt bitterness of grapefruit pulp.
Use both hands squeezed grapefruit pulp with salt for about 10 minutes.

Along this while you boil a liter of water with 1 2g jaggery.Add 1 pinch of salt.Heat to dissolve sugar and boil.
Grapefruit pulp after massage and rinse with salt water 3 times, soaked in alum continued for about 15-20 minutes. The purpose of soaking alum is making grapefruit pulp coated, crunchy.Then rinse with water.
Boil some water (just flooded the grapefruit pulp that is).Wait grapefruit pulp drop into boiling water.Boil until the grapefruit pulp and fiber is up.
Take the flour in a small bowl.Use grapefruit pulp per barrel picked up drain and then pour it into the bowl with the flour gradually. Suspension up to hold all the flour grapefruit pulp.
Grapefruit pulp continues to shock the basketball off excess flour.
Pour the water into the pot grapefruit pulp was prepared.Note that the water is boiling right now.
Prepare a bowl of green beans were steamed.

When ripe grapefruit pulp, green beans you down the fat and flour at a time, stirring in one direction for salt.
Boil until cooked completely new quick tea north to avoid mortar.For natural cooling tea.
At this point, you simply draw the grapefruit tea cup / bowl, then pour over the coconut milk, add a little kick out, so you've got porridge sweet grapefruit gone out to shop for the whole family to enjoy on hot days.

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