Monday, 10 June 2013

Barbecue Noodles

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I/ Ingredients: ( LEVER : HARD )

- 1kg of meat armpit.

- 2kg rice noodles.

- 1 fresh coconut

- 1 carrot.

- 1 white radish.

- 100g peanuts.

- 2 cucumbers.

- Lettuce,salad,prices, scallions.

- Pepper, garlic, chili, lemon.

- Monosodium glutamate, vinegar, fish sauce, sugar

- 1 teaspoon water color, water fat.

- Coal.

II/ Implementation :

+ Grilled meat:

  - Meat scraped washed,cleaved along the length,horizontal  3 cm the finish thinly sliced re.

  - Green onions white portion only crushed.

  - Garlic:crushed.

  - Marinate meat onion and garlic, water color,fish sauce,pepper, sugar, MSG about 20 minutes.

  -Supplies Pin meat on blisters,grilled over charcoal fire for sides are yellow.

  -When grilled  should dab water marinated meat  for permeability.

  -Meat yellow retrieved.

+ Raw vegetables:

  -Raw vegetables and salads washed to drain, chopped fibers.

  - Cucumber: horizontally cut, chopped.

  - prices :cleaning.

  -All the same disk.

+ Making pickles:

  -Carrots, turnips pruning flower a part,then thinly sliced so presentation up face,How much longer shredded mollusk,squeeze the salt then rinse.

  -pickled with sugar and vinegar.

+ Pha fish sauce:

  -Coconut water is shallow cooking 1/2,pour fish sauce, vinegar, sugar, MSG,boil again,lift down to cool,for lemon puree and chili garlic small fake.

 - peanuts roasted Crushed

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