Monday, 17 June 2013

Dons Noodles ( Bún Don)

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I / Material : ( LEVER : EASY )

- 1kg "don" noodles.

- 1 onion.

- 1 teaspoon pepper.

- 1 ginger.

- 50g of mushrooms.

- 50g oregano.

- pepper grind.

- County wedges, fish sauce.

II/ Implementation :

-Soak "don" with saline diluted rinse.

-Grilled yellow onion.

-Peeled ginger grilled yellow.

-Chopped oregano.

-Boil the water, do not boiled, for meat.

-Use cloth,filleted Don , boil again.

-Add onion, ginger and cook over low heat,for mushrooms, pepper, spicy into the pot.

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