Sunday, 9 June 2013

Pearl Dried Fruit Chè

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I/ Materials: ( LEVER : Medium )

- 100g prunes

- 100g dried apples

- 100g of persimmons dried

- 50g dried longan

- 50g pearl

- 5g seaweed powder

- 1/2 ear fungus snow

- 1.5 liters of water

- 230g sugar

- 20ml essential oil commission


 -Pearl:boiled and discharge with cold water, drain.

 -Snow fungus: Soak 1 time,give up foot fungus,small cut,persimmons dried:cut stalked,small cut.

 -gracilaria powder:Soluble with 0,5l water and 30g sugar then boil.Wait gracilaria mixture cools,placed in refrigerator 30 min.Then took out aliasing cut,size 0.5 cmx3cm.

 -cook tea:Soluble 200g sugar with 1 liter water then boil.Next for apple, plum, longan, snow fungus and dried persimmons enter,cooking 10 min.Turn off the stove .

 -for rose oil to the pot,mixing lightly,tea set in the fridge.

 -ladled out bowl,for pearl, gracilaria, a few stones into the bowl.

 Enjoy immediately.

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