Saturday, 1 June 2013

Subak Hwachae

Nhấp vào đây để phóng to hình ảnh này
- 2 cups watermelon shaped round or cube steaks

- 1 ½ cups of melon also create a circle or cube steaks

- 12-16 round rice cake (optional)

- 2 cups ginger beer

- 3 cups pomegranate juice (or cranberry juice Vietnam)

- County Information (decoration - optional offline)

Materials rice cake circle

- ½ cup glutinous flour

- 2 teaspoons of sugar

- 1 pinch of salt

- 4 tablespoons boiling hot water
- To create the park round watermelon, using dedicated tools draw watermelon, melon (or maybe cut into pieces about 2.5 cm cubes. For all into a large bowl.
- Add ginger beer, pomegranate juice (or cranberry juice Vietnam) on. Stir gently. You can customize acidity, sweet beverages by adding water or sugar ...
- Mix the rice flour, sugar and salt in a bowl. Mix flour with hot water with a spoon. When dough cooler, hand knead dough thoroughly. Roll the dough into a long rod, then cut the dough into small pieces about the size of 2 cm. Balls of the dough.
- Boil water, drop the sticky dough, simmer until the bread rise to the top. Picked up a bread bowl of cold water. Then picked up the bread, drained.

- Then drop the bread into the bowl containing watermelon, melon and enjoy this fresh snacks okay!

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