Saturday, 1 June 2013

Tea water floating purple sweet potato (chè trôi nước khoai lang tím)

Nhấp vào đây để phóng to hình ảnh này

- Purple sweet potato: 2 bulbs.

- Sticky rice flour: 150 grram.

- Do green: 200 grams.

- White sugar or brown sugar.

- Ginger: 1 small branch.
- Purple sweet potato you wash off the dirt clinging to the shell and bring potatoes boiled or steamed, then spoon puree.

- Do blue blooms soaked, washed, steamed for entrance to the nine bean. Enlist at park still hot, and you hit spoon or blender puree easier.

- Mix it with about 80 grams of sugar and place on the stove to simmer snails when the tan and green beans become dry, dry hands.

- Mix the potato flour and fold together, just you just slowly mix the water into the system, so mixing thoroughly until the mixture is obtained powder, is not sticky. For the dough rest 30 minutes and then you divide the dough into small balls, the green beans and you also do the same.

- Use hands to press the dough up the park, the green beans in the middle, wrap the back, round about.

- Boil the water is boiling drop each new member into boiled cake, covered area, when nine members will emerge wheel drift, the fish out and drop you right into a bowl of cold water from the stick.

- Put the sugar (depending on taste dose), water and a few slices of ginger into the pot boil.

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