Saturday, 1 June 2013

How to make Corn Chè

I/ Materials ( LEVER : EASY )

- Melon

- Sweet corn (fresh corn / canned)

- Coconut milk

- Road

- Powder power

II/ Perform :

- Melon cut in half, seeds filtered through the sieve hold water melon. The flesh peeled cucumber, chopped small pieces.

- Boil water with sugar (depending on taste), air cornstarch with water and slowly processing into sugar mixture until it reaches the thickness you want.

- Corn and coconut milk in, stirring. If you buy canned corn is used directly, if buying fresh corn, then you need to separate the corn and boil over was okay.

- Ladle a cup of tea, sprinkle melon was before the move.

- Finally sprinkle the water melon to the melon sweet corn porridge our completed,

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