Thursday, 13 June 2013

Unicorn Fish Rolls ( Cá Cuộn Kỳ Lân)

I/ Raw materical  ( LEVER: EASY )

- Vegetarian Snakehead :1kg

-Jambon(deep  5mm):2 slice

-Yellow bamboo shoot:100g


-Seaweed(5 x 5 cm):2 piece

-Fresh lemon water :3M

-Dilution flour:1M


- Vegetarian Crispy fried chicken

1.Subject to preliminary treatment :

-To cake fish fillet,to cut thin slice of fish filet about 5x5 cm jambon and seaweed,similar.yellow bamboo shoot cut into 5cm long fible.ginger cut into fible to scald onion.

- To unwind fish fillet,to arrange seaweed,jambon,ginger,bamboo shoot,curl use onion tie.

2.To fry :

- Cooking oil,tyo roll fish with Aji Quick to fry sun, to fish out and to leave the oil to rollfish with Aji Quick to fry sun,to fish out and toleave the oil to drip.

-To make sauce lemon: to make 1M sugar,1/2 M salt.3M lemon,4M water,to boil ard


-To display fish in the plate ,to sauce sauce.Use hot.To give fish fillet in the fridge before cut to swift and cut more easily. choose big bamboo shoot, it boiled because it will sweet and no pungent smell.

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