Monday, 17 June 2013

Tofu steamed with "shrimp vegetarian" ( Đậu phụ với tôm hấp)

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I/ Materials: ( LEVER: EASY )

- 1 box tofu

- 50g of style ham or sausage, diced

- 3 mushrooms, soaked blooming, chopped

- 50g Shrimp vegetarian, diced

- 50g peas (use canned beans, noodle)

II/ Implementation:

- Tofu poured out disk, cut square pieces.

-For Shrimp And Pork, sausage, peas and mushrooms into 1 bowl,added wedge nuts,mix well.

-For this bowl in microwave for 2 minutes then take out.

-Pour up on tofu disc.Irrigate ½ teaspoon cooking oil.give into the microwave 5 minutes.

-If you prefer, you can give 1 teaspoon minced garlic up on will be more more fragrant.

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