Thursday, 27 June 2013

Chè sesame seeds (Chè vừng đen)

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wiki:Sesame (/ˈsɛsəm/Sesamum indicum) is a flowering plant in the genus Sesamum. Numerous wild relatives occur in Africa and a smaller number in India. It is widely naturalized in tropical regions around the world and is cultivated for its edible seeds, which grow in pods.
Sesame seed is considered to be the oldest oilseed crop known, domesticated well over 3000 years ago. Sesame is very drought-tolerant. It has been called a survivor crop, with an ability to grow where most crops fail.[1][2]
Sesame has one of the highest oil contents of any seed. With a rich nutty flavor, it is a common ingredient in cuisines across the world.[3][4]
Sesame, like other nuts and foods, can trigger allergic reactions in some people.[5]
The world harvested about 3.84 million metric tonnes of sesame seeds in 2010. The largest producer of sesame seeds in 2010 was Burma.[6] The world's largest exporter of sesame seeds was India, and Japan the largest importer.

I/ Ingredients:
-300g black sesame seeds
-500g sugar
- rice flour:50g
-300g coconut-rice
-1 Liter of water
II/ Perform:
-Black sesame seeds: washed, drain, dried.Then,roasted nine sesame seeds.Continue ,grinding with 1 liter of water.
-For coconut-rice in water, take coconut milk.For rice flour on bowl,baste  0.5  bowl coconut milk up,Stir well to soluble rice flour

 -For Black sesame pot up kitchens,Stir well hand 3 minutes,give sugar, add coconut milk and stir about 3 minutes.Pour the rice flour into pot, through a thick layer,continue stir well hand.When see bold black tea and sesame has nine are "ok"

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